correspondent network
Your account is connected to a network of corresponding global banks.
While your customers might live all over the world, you get domestic clearing, and can make and receive payments, just like a local.
One Account

Countless places to go

Imagine one account with all the functionality you’ll ever need. Pay-in and pay-out transfers, via SWIFT and SEPA, can be completed in seconds; online payments in several major currencies, are quick and easy. It’s the only e‑wallet your business will ever need.

One Account

Three huge benefits

It's a single account

One platform where you can manage incoming and outgoing payments, settlements and currency exchanges. It’s simplicity made real.

It’s fully transparent

We put you in control. You can access local and international payment schemes without hidden fees and monitor intelligent transaction routing.

It's flexible

Limits won’t help your business to grow — that’s why we made them flexible. You’re free to pay anyone on the planet, either individually or through a bulk payment.


Named Business account

  • You can pay to over 100 countries, via SEPA and SWIFT, at competitive rates
  • You save on valuable time with our fast processing
  • You benefit from 24/7 assistance with your dedicated account manager

Pooled Business Account

Hosted in xpate’s name, in USD or EUR, a pooled business account enables you to make domestic and international payments simply, quickly, with peace-of-mind and at a lower rate.


Individual IBAN for each Client

Your own account comes with a unique IBAN in EUR. And we guarantee flexible limits on your turnover or payments. It’s all about taking away the fuss so you can do what you do best.

We host the account. You enjoy the benefits.

Ease of access

All the services you need can be found through a clear, easy and intuitive interface, personalised precisely for your needs.

Headaches resolved

We resolve complicated processes such as onboarding and anti-money laundering regulations. Without these concerns, growing your business becomes your top priority.

Security is uppermost

All of your funds are kept in separate bank accounts across numerous banks. This safeguards against risk while ensuring settlements can be completed quickly and securely.

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