xpate empowers partners to help their customers grow

Xello there,

You all know how much we love our worldwide partners. We launch xPP [xpate Partnership Program] to help them grow even stronger.

Our partner program makes it fast and easy to refer businesses and start enjoying the benefits.

Our partners and customers can focus on their business while we take care of everything else. We help you manage the whole payment flow in real-time. No matter what industry or size — we have a solution for everyone.

xPP features fast and seamless onboarding, global payments and round the clock service.

Customers get the opportunity to pay anyone anywhere in the world, individually or using bulk payments. They receive access to digital banking with named accounts, acquiring, localised payment methods, invoicing, ability to set up recurring payments paired up with 24/7 customer support.

Don’t forget about xpate’s API. It allows seamless integration and comes in a variety of different flavours. It’s easy to set up with a few lines of code and adapt it to the customer’s requirements.

Success is just 2 steps away!

  1. Fill in the application form at xPP.
  2. We will contact you once your application is confirmed and send test account credentials to our web app.

And you are all set!

xpate’s all-in-one platform makes financial services easy by serving as a payment gateway, risk management system and acquirer. All transactions and the system itself are guarded by TSL certification, DDOS protection and hashcode data structuring.

You can contact our support team at [email protected]


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