IT Service Desk


who we are looking for

we are looking for a responsible person, an ambitious specialist who wants to develop in system administration and who likes to helps teams with all technical issues they face

what you'll be working on

  • support for employees in all technical matters;
  • office equipment inventory and management;
  • telephony, video surveillance, conferencing services;
  • administration of LAN and wireless networks, installation and configuration of network equipment;
  • upgrade of existing equipment, participation in the purchase of new software;

what you need to succeed in this role

  • relevant experience at least for 1 years;
  • ability to diagnose and solve problems with Windows, Linux, MacOS;
  • understanding the principles of DNS, DHCP, VPN;

what we offer

  • an opportunity to fulfill your greatest ambitions to conquer the world market - you can stand at the origins of history;
  • career prospects - we are young, we have huge ambitions and it is important that our employees grow with us;
  • work with coworkers who are passionate about their business;
  • absolute flexibility throughout all processes (lack of a strict hierarchy, the ability to influence the company's development);
  • flexible schedules;
  • compensation that will fully correspond to the competence and knowledge;
  • All the beauty: voluntary medical insurance, Bookmate, Netflix, English and not only :)

about us

xpate is the payments platform that prioritises simplicity, speed and user experience.

We provide businesses with a single multi-fit solution that unites all of the desired payment methods to cover an extensive range of demands that otherwise require onboarding and integration with multiple partners.

Internet acquiring, bank transfers, facilitation of payments made via APMs along with mass payouts, card payouts and currency exchange are available within one unified framework. All funds acquired by our client over the course of a business day are settled within the xpate payment solution and can be sent to a merchant bank account straight away, a third party account, or used for mass payout to service providers or for card payout.

Our ethos is centred around creating a simple and rewarding payment experience. By using advanced technology solutions we are able to automate and speed up typically clunky, time-consuming processes. This is all complemented by advanced security and fraud- monitoring systems.

With the difficult payments aspects taken care of, our clients are free to do the important thing – grow their business.




Vladlena Trofimenko email:

[email protected]