Сomplete Payment Solution

Elevate your e-commerce game with xpate. Accept card payments and streamline your financials with ease. Completely hassle-free!

Acquiring reinvented for your benefit

Empowering you with instant access to funds via online card processing

Collect payments

Accept Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Funds Instantly

Get immediate access to the funds collected from your sales.

Competitive pricing

With xpate, you pay as you go. No monthly fees. No hidden fees.

Pay as you go

Card processing

Integrated per-transaction pricing, means no setup or monthly fees

1.3% + £ 0.20

for UK cards

+1.0% for European Economic Area cards

International cards

Additional fees required for international cards and conversion to UK Pounds

1.3% + £ 0.202.8% + £ 0.20

for international cards

3D Secure authentication

3D Secure is an authentication method used to verify a customer's identity before an online card transaction

1.3% + £ 0.20Included

secure payment gateway

Instant Funds Availability

Your funds will be accessible and usable minutes after successful transaction on your website

1.3% + £ 0.20Included


A pre-built, hosted payments page optimized for best conversion

1.3% + £ 0.20Included

Disputed payments
(also known as chargebacks)

If the cardholder’s bank abandons the dispute in your favour, the fee is fully refunded

1.3% + £ 0.20£ 30

per chargeback

Partial or full refund fee

The payment processing fees from the original charge are not returned

1.3% + £ 0.20£ 1

per refund

Payment Links

Create links to sell products and services across any channel—no code required

1.3% + £ 0.20Included

Simplified Onboarding

Partner with xpate today and unlock your e-commerce potential

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3Welcome to xpate - Start growing your business!

Congratulations on finding the perfect match! Welcome to the exciting world of xpate, where you can unleash the power of our payment solutions to drive your e-commerce business forward. Get ready to grow and get paid instantly online.


If you have any additional questions, email us at: [email protected]

Is xpate compatible with popular e-commerce platforms?

Certainly! xpate is specifically built to effortlessly integrate with the leading e-commerce platforms. Whether you operate your store on WooCommerce, Magento, Prestashop, or Opencart, xpate provides simple integration solutions. Our powerful APIs and plugins facilitate a seamless connection, enabling you to swiftly begin accepting payments, hassle-free.

How does instant settlement benefit my e-commerce business?

Unlock the game-changing power of instant settlements for your e-commerce business with xpate. Experience the advantage of immediate access to funds right after each transaction, eliminating the frustrating wait for your hard-earned money. Instant settlement fuels a healthy cash flow, empowering you to reinvest swiftly, scale your operations, and seize new growth opportunities. Stay agile and maximise your success with xpate, revolutionising the way you do business.

Are there any setup fees or long-term commitments?

There are no setup fees or long-term commitments. We believe in transparency and flexibility, allowing you to start without upfront costs. Our competitive pricing plans ensure you only pay for the services you use. 

How can I trust xpate?

xpate operates under a licenced financial institution which falls under the FCA supervision and PCI DCC Level 1 compliance. Build lasting customer trust with a safe and reliable payment experience for long-term e-commerce success.

How much will the transaction fees actually amount up to?

For a £99 sale made with a UK card, you'll have instant access to over £97.50 of that sale to reinvest straight away to grow your business faster. In case the customer uses an EU-based card, you'll receive £96.52 to start using right away.

Boost your online business with instant settlements!Unleash the power of xpate for instant settlements, secure transactions, and global payment acceptance. Elevate your business with seamless payment solutions. Choose the best payment platform for small businesses.