Make payments

Make payments

Discover efficiency & transparency
Manage all your finances from one place, from payments to invoicing to budgeting. Keep track of all your financials without any hassle.

How it works

Three huge benefits

It's a single account
One platform where you can manage incoming and outgoing payments, settlements, ins and outs.

Pay vendors and employees using sales from today! Manage your cash flow.

Its simplicity made real.
It's easy & convenient
Use Faster Payments, SEPA Instant or SWIFT payment rails with online access, so you can use your money quickly and easily.

With 24/7 customer service, you can rest assured that your financial transactions are taken care of securely. Let us take the hassle out of payments.
For e-commerce merchants, we offer a business account with our payment solutions for absolutely no additional cost.

You need no additional banking provider. All your money managed in one place
Named Business account
Named Business account
  • You can easily access your business account and make payments within the UK
  • You save valuable time with our fast processing
  • You receive skilled and timely customer support 24/7
Make and receive payments
Make and receive payments

Hosted in your business name account number and sort code enables you to make domestic payments simply, quickly, with peace of mind and free for our e-commerce clients

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