Really Instant
Really Instant

No more waiting for money.

No additional costs

How it works

Use your funds immediately

Customer completes payment on your website

See this transaction in your xpate portal and money IS already on YOUR account

Use the money. Pay for marketing, restock, pay your rent or credits. Grow your business

Yes, it is
that easy
Why do we do that?
With other acquiring services you will be waiting for 3 to 10 days to get your money. Not with xpate

There were times when a salesman was getting money right after the sale. We made it possible again but with e-commerce.

Why wait?


We believe that time is one of the most precious assets of the XXI century. We don't want you to spend it waiting for your money.

Use your time to grow


Now you have control like never before. Any sale right after completion is on your account.

The clear picture at any moment

How we do that?

With every successful sales transaction completed by your customer, the amount paid is straight away available on your xpate account

We take care of settlements from our payment partners like Visa or Mastercard for your payments. No action is needed from your side

Take advantage of accessing your funds minutes after the sales transaction for no additional fee! Simply have your funds available when you need them

In the rare case, our payment partner tells us a settlement for some transactions will not clear (for example, a chargeback happened), no worries your next sales will cover this one

We take fraud seriously! Intelligent risk management system and individual fraud prevention set up at an acquirer level and merchant level

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