Payment processing for business

This is xpate for business
The first true drag&drop payment experience in the world
€ 2 378, 45
All you need is
your finger 

One gesture does
everything 👆🏽

Сonduct any financial transaction
with a simple action.
Just drag and drop a stack
with your index finger.

  • Send
  • Top-up
  • Receive
  • Payout
  • Exchange
  • Split bill

Of course, we have these
typical things

  • International payments
  • Fraud monitoring system
  • PCI DSS compliance
  • Multi-currency acquiring
  • Mobile version
  • Individual IBAN
  • Intelligent transaction routing
  • Payouts to cards (OCT, MoneySend)
  • visamaster cardmaestromirprocessing
  • Flexible settlement period

xpate works faster than other services

Compare the time from login to money transfer:

1seconds  —  traditional banks
1seconds  —  xpate

We noticed that users spend about 10 hours a year on Internet banking. Why to waste your time if you can save and invest it?

Yeah, a second saved is a penny earned.
Just multiply your hourly rate by 10.
Taking care of your time pays off, doesn’t it?

It's impossible not to solve your problem

Support costs a lot. We are ready to help you any time. With any question.


Early access
values 👌🏽

over 300 companies gained access
over 50 000 transactions processed per day
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