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Helping acquirers and issuers to make the management of "paying by cards" business easy and hassle-free

White label payment gateway solution
A white label payment gateway specifically tailored for acquirers' needs accompanied by the full handling of operational risk processes

Easily deployed turnkey payment solution along with fraud control, dispute management, reporting and an extensive scope of consultancy support


Acquirers no longer require in-house fraud and dispute specialists since fraud and dispute control, including merchant issues resolution is done by xpate Links 


Fast, single and unified solution that ensures hassle-free operations


High payment acceptance rates with minimal level of fraud thanks to individual fraud management settings 


Execution of the entire dispute cycle, including working with acquirer's merchant disputes

xpate Links
at a glance

No staff involved on acquirer’s side. No technical interactions on acquirer’s side.


xpate Links is a white label payment gateway solution offers a full scope of risk management and payment gateway functionality required to accept payment cards.

Fraud Control

Intelligent risk management system and individual fraud prevention set up at an acquirer level and merchant level.

Dispute Management

Comprehensive approach that focuses on revenue recovery by way of dispute prevention and resolution.

24/7 Technical Support

Technical assistance to acquirers and merchants on behalf of acquirer to ensure flawless operations 24/7/365.


Providing professional consulting services on IPS related topics.


Our consultants are experts in cards acquiring, issuing and IPS’s requirements with 10+ years of experience. We help acquirers and issuers to find the most suitable IPS’ products and services for their business needs.

Сonsulting services Advantages

Independent expertise and objective assessment which goes beyond the framework established by the company.

Professional consulting services on various subjects related to IPS, projects with IPS and other related partners, IPS services, rules, etc.

Extensive experience in solving problems and finding solutions related to cards and card payments in different organisations.

Preparing of detailed product and/or service research. We help acquirers and issuers to find the most suitable IPS’ products and services for their business needs.

Providing consulting on specific topics such as tools for merchant underwriting and IPS AML compliance.

Support in obtaining membership status in IPS and related partner selection.

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Operations are provided by xpate Ltd which is incorporated in England (registered number: 11920779) with office at Level 18, 40 Bank Street, Canary Wharf, London, England, E14 5NR. xpate Ltd is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (Reference number 901021) for the issuance of electronic money and payment instruments or xpate Links incorporated in Latvia, (registered number: 40203300205) as stipulated by the Terms and Conditions or agreement concluded with you . Conforming PCI DSS certification testifies that the xpate’s electronic payment processing system complies with all the safety requirements of Visa and Mastercard payment systems. For customer and technical support in English call +44 330 818 1119 throughout Mon-Fri, from 10 AM to 6 PM daily. Outside the business hours please leave a voice message or contact us via e-mail [email protected].