xpate – finding talent gems in unlikely places

At xpate, our team knows no borders. We may come from different places and different backgrounds, but we’re all equally determined to help people and businesses make payments wherever they are. We’re passionate about making payments as simple and as streamlined as possible - and we’re growing fast. What drives us is not just our fantastic solutions (yes, we’re biased but they really are), but also our wonderfully-talented people.

We want to do things faster and better, and that means everyone should have the chance to join in, contribute ideas and be part of our success. Every team member at xpate is encouraged to aim higher, take old ideas and transform them, and make their voice heard and their skills and talent shown. There are no limits to what someone can achieve if you give them the encouragement to shine.

We’re not afraid to be unconventional, and that includes how we hire people. And sometimes, by taking a different approach, we uncover hidden gems. 

If you’re in the fiercely competitive fintech industry, you know how difficult it is to hire the right people -filling the skills gaps is getting harder to do as everyone chases the same potential employees. Fintech is now such a popular and cool industry to work in that employers are scrambling to fill roles gaps from a rapidly-dwindling pool of talent. And in an ultra-competitive job market, attracting, nurturing and retaining talent is becoming the biggest challenge for fintechs worldwide. 

To grow fast, you need to act fast with creative thinking, and that includes hiring talent. Curiosity spurs imagination, which drives innovation. Innovation doesn’t just inspire our solutions, it influences how we hire people too. Allow us to introduce you to Artem…

Prior to joining xpate in early 2020, Artem was working in Riga, Latvia, as a brand chef for Hookah Place, the biggest shisha bar chain in the world. By chance, one of our xpate team members visited the bar, and invited Artem to check out xpate’s Riga office nearby. Impressed by our innovative culture and how we try to nurture our team members to fulfil their full potential, Artem joined us shortly after as a team assistant.

In addition to his day job at xpate, Artem’s interest in front-end development, HTML and CSS coding took up most of his free time. After finishing work for the day, Artem would immerse himself in online coding and front-end courses to deepen his knowledge, gaining a raft of highly-prized HTML and CSS certifications along the way.

While working with us, Artem was often around our hard-working compliance team, although he had little idea of what they actually did.

It was purely by chance that, one day, Artem was asked by the compliance team to give his opinion on the website of a potential merchant. This gave Artem the chance to demonstrate his wealth of experience, knowledge and talent for front-end development. Soon enough, the dots connected for the compliance team. 

Blown away by Artem’s skills and dedication to learning, and following two months of personal mentoring, the compliance team invited Artem to join as an underwriter.

Why xpate is the place to be

Every team member at xpate knows that we support each other and can rely on one another.

Creating a welcoming, collaborative and positive atmosphere at xpate means our talented team members want to stay around and be a part of our success story. 

xpate treats its team like family, and the well-being of our team members is of utmost priority. We provide medical insurance that includes ambulatory treatment, vaccination, dentistry, and emergency and inpatient treatment. We know our team members love their media services, so we offer a free Netflix subscription. Our xpate parties are legendary, something that we’ve all had to put on hold thanks to COVID, and perhaps the thing we’re all looking forward to the most as the restrictions lift. We’re always looking for new ways to support and reward our team - because the fact is that every single member of our 90-strong group plays a key role in making us such a disruptive force in the global payments sector, and we want them to know that.

With climate change and environmental issues being so close to the hearts of our customers and our team members, we want to do everything we can to minimise carbon footprints. That’s why xpate gives all employees a bicycle or an electric scooter as a gift to celebrate one year with the company. 

We’re revolutionising the world of payments, because we encourage our team members to explore their full potential. And that’s why we’re home to the most creative, hard-working and happiest people in fintech.

Everyone is welcome at xpate. Be like Artem and show us what you can do! 

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