How we use social media to stand out from the crowd

How do you get noticed in the crowded fintech space? With over 25,000 fintech start-ups globally, and more entering every day, you need to get creative if you want to stand out. But you also want to show why your product or service is a market-beater. So how can you do that? By loving what you do, and showing that enthusiasm on your social media channels.

For fintech businesses in particular, your social media spaces are the ideal platforms to showcase what your product or service can do. 

A 30-second YouTube video can explain your product much quicker than a 10-page brochure. A punchy, concise Tweet can draw a potential customer’s interest much better than a telephone cold call. And a TikTok clip or Instagram post can introduce your team to your customers in a memorable way.


Meet our biggest asset — our xpaters

At xpate, our social media channels are not just there as a marketing tool — they’re an integral part of our company’s culture. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, TikTokInstagram and LinkedIn, where you’ll find everything you need to know about our company, our solutions, and our incredible team. 

We’re not shy about shouting from the virtual rooftops about the people behind our technology, because they’re the ones creating such innovative solutions and making xpate so successful. We’re a dynamic digital company with a personal touch, and that’s why our talented xpaters love working with us, and why our clients constantly highlight our exceptional customer support, around the clock, around the world.

Social media is a perfect place to show the inner environment of our company and the relationship we have with our team. Given that we position ourselves as a new-generation fintech company, our primary goal is to show the other side of this industry — lively and vibrant. Our social media reflects who we are, and what we do. You only have to check out our Instagram, LinkedIn and TiKTok to see how we tell the stories of the people behind the technology, and how we celebrate their successes. This isn’t about posting just for the sake of it — it makes a real, positive impact on our bottom line as well.

xpate’s social media presence has generated new business for us and raised our profile in the industry, because we’ve moved away from the "standard fintech profile" with dry infographics and a cold tone of voice. We have a different idea of having an efficient social media presence. Many companies use it to achieve a mass following, playing by the rules of the social media marketing game — but it was never our intention to jump on that trend.

So we want to share what we’ve learned about the best ways to drive engagement on social media with you.


Why your social media is something you need to constantly enhance

Aside from tracking standard social media metrics like page clicks, what’s more essential is the reaction of your audience. For us, that includes our clients, xpaters and the wider fintech community. Our posts usually include some sort of call to action, hints at further readings, and invitations for our followers to participate in giveaways and virtual reality games. If the audience is reacting and participating, then we know we’re on the right path.

As for our most successful social media post? It wasn’t about racking up likes or boosting metrics… it's the post we made on our last birthday. The video collects all the brightest moments of our corporate life, so for our pretty niche community, this video is full of warm memories. 

And for people outside? It's a lively invitation to join our ranks!