xpate — the first true drag&drop payment experience in the world

Xello there,

About a year ago we sat down and did a research on traditional banks. We found out that it takes user 70 seconds from login to transfer to make a transaction. We also discovered that an average user spends a lot of time on internet banking — about 10 hours per year.

Keeping in mind that a second saved is a penny earned, we decided to create a solution for both retail and business customers who value simplicity — the first true drag and drop payment experience in the world that reduces the time spent on transaction from 70 to 8 seconds, unites all payment methods in one account and requires you to use just the index finger.

One gesture does everything.


xpate is a fintech startup that enhances global payments using a design-centric approach to serve growing business needs. We make the payment process easier, faster and accessible to everyone.

Covering end-to-end payment needs of businesses worldwide we offer:

  • SEPA and SWIFT multi-currency payments
  • Individual IBAN (International Bank Account Number) accounts
  • Visa, Mastercard, Union Pay card processing
  • Currency exchange at competitive rates
  • OCT (Original Credit Transaction) Payouts, Mass Payouts, Batch Payouts
  • Alternative Payment methods (APMs)
  • Card-to Card Transfer

Well-designed simplicity pays off. We strive to make the financial sphere of their lives comfortable and hassle-free thanks to quick, easy and secure service. More than 300 companies processing over 50000 transactions daily utilise xpate to expand their business across frontiers.


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