xpate design concept. A simple drag-and-drop gesture takes care of everything

Weare creating an absolutely new product!

It is not enough to combine all possible financial functions in one application to cope with this task. We work to create an absolutely new level of interaction, a new, native and physically correct level of abstraction.

We create a friendly, simple and clear financial ecosystem for everyone. We call it a physical design system. We take the physical objects and transfer their behaviour into our interface.

Money is still kept in stacks, transaction movements remind of the actions we make when dealing with physical funds. We even adapt the direction of swipes for right and left-handed users.

Let’s start with a simple one: how do we keep money in the physical world? In a stack!

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What do we do with the money? We transfer it, use it for payment or just give it away. We avoid all these complications, in our abstraction all these actions are replaced by one gesture. All your funds are kept in a stack that you control with your index finger.


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A simple drag-and-drop gesture inside xpate takes care of everything.

We want to make the financial sphere of our lives comfortable and hassle-free thanks to it and popularize it. Swipes to the right or left allow you to send, receive, exchange funds, top up your account, make payouts or split the bill.

After every transaction a user is taken to a confirmation page. The background of the page changes, so we draw the user’s attention to the importance of this page. We also want to be as predictive as possible, so each time we even make a guess about the amount you transfer based on your previous transactions.

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A user needs account details to make a transaction. All of them are stored in contacts. Every contact contains various channels that can be used to make a transfer.

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Owning dozens of e-mail, social media accounts and bank applications does make remembering all the passwords quite a headache, isn’t it? We’ve taken care of that as well. No password is required, just a convenient and secure unlock code. Advanced security and fraud monitoring systems that we use ensure it is still safe. And we will ask for your verification code only once. Twice in the worst case. In case you are not feeling completely confident while you are logged in, there’s a lock feature that instantly locks your screen.

We take care of our users, and warn of unplanned spending. Because we are a friendly financial service.

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Chargeback, MDR, rolling reserve — we don’t really like all these tricky words. So we don’t use them. We communicate with our clients in a way that is convenient for them and avoid complicated terms in our conversations.

All this functionality is enhanced by the smooth animation.


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