White label payment gateway

  • White Label Payment Gateway Setup
  • Global online payment card acceptance
  • Visa and Mastercard card processing
  • Fast, single and unified solution
  • Multi – Channel (e-com, MOTO)
  • Direct integration to acquirer’s processor and processor’s incident management system

Fraud control

  • Intelligent risk management system
  • Automatic transaction monitoring combined with manual review of suspicious transactions
  • Limits and sanctioned countries setting defined by acquirer’s AML
  • Control that fraud level does not exceed IPS thresholds
  • Suggesting fraud settings to acquirer based on acquirer’s activity
  • Provide acquirer with comprehensive fraud reports

Dispute management

  • Comprehensive dispute management approach
  • Processing of all possible dispute stages
  • Control that dispute level does not exceed IPS thresholds
  • Provide acquirer with comprehensive dispute reports

Technical support

  • Supporting the acquirer’s merchants on payment gateway integration activities and testing
  • Consulting acquirer’s merchants on technical issues
  • Flexible management in case of merchant information or status change
  • 24/7 technical support and processor’s uptime monitoring

Consulting service

  • Providing professional consulting services on various subjects related to IPS projects, IPS, services, IPS rules, etc.
  • Preparing of detailed product and/or service research
  • Providing consulting on specific topics such as tools for merchant underwriting and IPS AML compliance
  • Support in obtaining membership status in IPS
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