payment system support done right — the xpate way

When it comes to finances, operations should be fast, reliable and hassle-free. This is where payment solutions like xpate come to the rescue.

xpate offers its clients a simple drag-and-drop payment experience tailored for any kinds of currencies with an ambidextrous interface. Be it US Dollars, Russian Rubles, Euros, you name it — xpate does it. Just swiping left and right allows clients to make payments.

But all that convenience would have been worthless without proper client support. This is where the xpate client support service comes in.

Here We Go

Say I’m a budding young entrepreneur seeking to make my way in the world as a merchant. I turn to xpate as my all-in-one financial platform for streamlining all of my payment operations. It’s the tool of choice to be sure, but I still need a helping hand to guide me.

The xpate technical support service is round-the-clock and works in English and Russian. Everything starts with client onboarding, followed by the hassle-free integration stage and the seamless support at all stages.

Each of the steps smoothly transitions into the next, giving the feeling that you are truly valued. Like any other operational team, the xpate customer support service is focused on metrics and strives to provide a healthy mix of speed and quality. It is clear that success is the key and main goal of all of their interactions with clients. That success is expressed in various ways.

For instance, though the team operates in English and Russian, they will find a specialist speaking Portuguese if they need to explain something to a client. If that’s not value, we don’t know what is.

The onboarding process at xpate is handled by sales, account manager and support teams, all of whom interoperate to explain everything in exhaustive detail to their clients. We all know how difficult some clients may be, but the support team is patient and is focused on identifying what each client needs so as to formulate a hands-on, personalized approach.

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A personal account manager is assigned at the very start of the xpate user journey. The account manager will identify all of the problems faced by the client, they will negotiate flexible rates and sort out all of the minor details. Only after all of the needs, specific requests and rates were identified, the account manager offers to fill out an automated form and download all of the necessary documents to pass the KYC procedure.

The KYC part is handled by the innovative Sum&Substance electronic identity verification service, which automatically verifies the provided ID photos, followed by a request to provide a selfie for live identity confirmation. The automation and use of advanced software makes the solution virtually full-proof with no identity breaches in three years of operation.

Best of all, the process is so simple and well-explained that even a fifth-grader could have set up a business account and figure out what to do next.

In We Go

Integration is the next stage clients go through as they start working with xpate. The gamification mechanics make sending payments, receiving funds or making exchange operations seem like mini-games.

Doing away with dozens of accounts and passwords for puddle-jumping between different payment platforms is an exemplary approach that xpate offers a client. And all of the operations the application offers are exhaustively explained by the personal account manager and technical support team at any time both promptly and clearly.

On We Go

Once you’ve gotten the hang of using the application, you feel the care of the support team. There is a reason why over 300 companies use xpate on a daily basis for thousands of operations.

Throughout the customer journey, you receive access to every payment system — SEPA and SWIFT multi-currency payments, Individual IBAN (International Bank Account Number) accounts, Visa, MasterCard, Union Pay card processing, currency exchange at competitive rates, original credit transaction payouts, mass payouts, batch payouts, alternative payment methods, and Card-to Card Transfers.

You don’t just get customer support when you sign up with xpate, you get the feeling that the entire application was designed for you personally and the team is part of your employee staff.

You can contact our support team at [email protected]


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