xpate team — values and benefits

Xello there,

xpate team of over 90 operates across three offices in London, Riga and Singapore is building a payment solution that makes payment process easier, faster and accessible to everyone thanks to the first true drag and drop payment experience in the world uniting all payment methods in one account.

We are a team of like-minded pros sharing the same values.

Our mission is to reinvent the way the world interacts with the money by erasing geographical limitations, taking care of the difficult stuff, and helping people to build long-term financial relationships.

This is what we value:

Being brave and adventurous! We have entrepreneurial spirit, we are resourceful and result-oriented. Our team knows how to learn from both our and others’ mistakes.

Being equal! Everyone is free to share opinions and reach new heights in development. We value the ideas and contribution of every team member. Only through open communication can new ideas develop and old existing ones be improved. We support diversity at the workplace by creating and fostering a safe and productive working environment.

Warrior spirit! As a fast growing business we not only think fast, we act fast. We continuously strive to help our clients to be more competitive by providing quick and efficient service. We are determined to get things done as soon as possible.

Imagination and critical-thinking are vital for effective troubleshooting. That is why we encourage curious and inquisitive approach to each process.We are open-minded, curious and thirsty for new knowledge. Being innovative is the key, because only the new can lead the way forward.

Commitment is more than just a concept, it is a way of working. Every employee at xpate knows that only being committed to their position and responsibilities is the way for the company to reach success as a whole. We support each other and can rely on one another.

Simplicity. We strongly believe that it is important to simplify systems as much as possible. At the same time everything we do is aesthetically assessed in every single way.

The benefits

xpate values its team and offers a number of significant benefits.

The well-being of our team members is of utmost priority. We provide medical insurance that includes ambulatory treatment, vaccination, dentistry, and an emergency and inpatient treatment.

We love our world of entertainment. A free Netflix subscription is offered for all employees to make sure everyone has the chance to enjoy their favorite movies and series for greater inspiration.

Ongoing improvement is also crucial for us. xpate gives its personnel the chance to enroll in online courses at Coursera. The broad range of courses is sure to offer something for everyone.

Reading is just as important for personal development as courses. We give employees a subscription to BookMate with 6-month access to its online library. The vast selection offers audiobooks, books and comics in Russian, English and another 13 languages.

Last but not the least is we care about the environment and aim to minimise carbon footprint. So xpate gives all employees a bicycle or an electric scooter as a gift to celebrate one year with the company.

We are determined to make xpate an employer of choice in the FinTech industry and welcomes everyone to apply here.


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