xpate — superpowers to help businesses grow

Xello there,

xpate is designed for both retail and business customers who aim to make the financial sphere of their lives comfortable and hassle-free. We deliver tailored payment solutions thanks to our superpowers:

Payments: Bank transfers, internet acquiring and local payment methods covered

Subscription: Set up recurring payments on a daily, weekly or monthly basis

Payouts: Pay anyone anywhere in the world, individually or using bulk payments

Invoicing: Raise, send and track invoices

IBANs: Get paid like a local with your own bank details

Support: Best relationship managers and technical support teams available 24/7

We appreciate that micro and small merchants cannot receive the same opportunities as well-established businesses. So, for merchants who are just starting their business operations, we offer a solution for accepting credit or debit card payments.

Micro and small enterprises do not need to have a website for integration with xpate payment solutions. Startups can issue invoices for their customers with an xpate account and send the invoice to their customer for credit/debit card payment via any social platform that they use.

Keep in mind that all of this is absolutely secure. Our payment gateway is certified and works in full compliance with PCI DSS 1.0 standards and restrictions. It is protected by a state of the art anti-fraud system. Our professional cybersecurity analysts constantly monitor the system and keep improving its cybercrime defences.


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